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How do I enable fingerprint authentication from Security Settings?

Follow these steps to enable fingerprint authentication from Security Settings:

  1. Log in to the myTFS app with your username and password
  2. Select "More" from the Home / My Account page
  3. Select "Security"
  4. Toggle the Touch ID or Fingerprint switch On
  5. Select "Continue" to go to the Login page
  6. Enter your username, password and select the box next to Enable Touch ID or Enable Fingerprint
  7. Select "Login"
  8. Enter the Answer to the Security Question
  9. Select if the device is Personal or Shared, then select "Continue"
  10. Agree to the Electronic Communications & Agreements and Mobile Application Policies & Agreements
  11. Select "Enable" to activate fingerprint authentication
  12. Select "OK" to set up your Security Question and Answer for Fingerprint authentication
  13. Select a new Security Question
  14. Enter the Answer to the Security Question, then select "Continue"
  15. Select if you would like the Security Question to be presented with every login
  16. Select "Finish" to complete enrollment

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