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On the website payments page, there are several terms listed in the status column. What do they mean?

Here are some helpful definitions:

: Your payment has been scheduled to settle on the posting date. You may take the following actions while a payment is in "Scheduled" status:

  • Edit: If your upcoming payment has not entered the “Pending” status, you may change your payment information by selecting “Edit” and submitting updated payment information
  • Cancel: If your upcoming payment has not entered the “Pending” status, you may cancel one or all upcoming scheduled payments by selecting “Cancel”

Note: If there are multiple account holders on your account, you may only edit or cancel a payment scheduled by you.

Cancelled: Your payment was cancelled by either you or by us. We cancel a payment if your account is closed, or you have reached the end of your finance term.

Pending: Your payment transaction is in preparation for bank processing. You will not be able to change the payment information. Your bank account will be debited on or after the post date.

Approved: Your payment transaction was successful.

Refunded: Your payment transaction overpaid the total account balance. If you are entitled to a refund for this or any other reason, please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.

Returned: Your payment transaction failed. This status appears when bank account information cannot be validated. There could be an error in the account number, a debit block on the account, or the bank account may have been closed.

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