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What is the difference between Pay Online and the AutoCheque program?

Pay Online is a flexible and convenient electronic payment method that allows you to schedule, view, update, or cancel payments, and check the payment processing status on our website. Customers can also schedule one-time payments and set up Recurring Payment Profiles. You enrolled in Pay Online when you registered on to the website. To make payments or view website payment details, you need to add a bank account.

The AutoCheque program offers the convenience of automatically debiting your bank account for a set amount. Enrolling in the AutoCheque program is easy. Simply open, download and fill out the AutoCheque program form (Note: To access this form, you need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on to your computer). Within two weeks after mailing your completed AutoCheque form, your payments will be automatically transferred to TFS each month from your bank account.

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