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Lease smarter. Take control.

Avoid paying out of pocket for excess wear and use damage.

One less thing.

It's a lot more fun to be thinking about your next vehicle at the end of your lease. Thanks to Excess Wear & Use Protection you won't be worrying about how to pay for certain dents and dings when you turn in your vehicle.1

This coverage is available for bZ4X.

You'll Get:

  • Protection from qualifying excess wear and use charges at the end of your lease
  • Excellent product features and coverage, for example torn seats, body dents, etc.
  • High program limits:
    • Each single event valued at $1,000
    • Each missing part or equipment valued at $200
    • Up to a maximum of $5,000
  • A simple claim process:
    • No claims to submit
    • No deductibles to pay
    • No reimbursement to request

What You Need to Know

Under the terms of your Toyota Financial Services lease, you may be responsible for any wear and use damage that is considered excessive. However, the TFS Excess Wear & Use Protection Plan waives charges for qualifying damages (up to program limits) at lease-end.

Note: The purchase of an Excess Wear & Use voluntary protection product is optional, cancelable (subject to specific agreement terms) and not required to obtain credit.


  1. Under certain circumstances, Toyota Financial Services does not charge its lease customers for Excess Wear & Use damage.The information provided is an overview of the Excess Wear & Use Protection Plan. Coverage is subject to exclusions and limitations set forth in the Excess Wear & Use Lease Addendum. The information provided is subject to change at any time without notice.

  2. Plan does not waive excess mileage. Plan is only available on leases originated through your Toyota dealer and Toyota Financial Services. Please see your Excess Wear & Use Lease Addendum for full details on terms, limitations and exclusions. Under certain circumstances, Toyota Financial Services does not charge its lease customers for excess wear and use damage.

Available only at lease signing.

Excess Wear & Use Protection is only available in the dealership when you lease your new Toyota or Certified Used Toyota with TFS. 

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