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Lease ending?

Buying your Toyota is a great idea. Find the option that’s right for you.

The end of your Toyota vehicle lease brings with it some important decisions. Will you turn your vehicle in, lease a new Toyota you’ve had your eye on, or have you decided you and your Toyota are in it for the long haul? Let’s see what Alexis decided to do.

After thinking it through and evaluating her options, Alexis realized she loved her Toyota RAV4. It was perfect for her active lifestyle, she loved its sporty good looks, and she was pretty sure she wanted to keep it rather than turn it in at the end of her lease. Once she decided to explore becoming a Toyota owner, Toyota Financial Services (TFS) made the rest of the process easy and convenient. 


Hopping online to research her options, Alexis found all the information she needed, including helpful videos. Alexis already knew the TFS website was a great tool for learning; while researching whether to buy or lease, she stumbled upon the understanding credit section of the site. 

Right off the bat, she realized that by purchasing her Toyota at the end of her lease, she would no longer be responsible for end-of-lease expenses she’d been concerned about, like excess mileage fees, excessive wear and use fees, and the disposition fee.

After a helpful call with a TFS Loyalty Advocate, Alexis understood her three options. She could finance her Toyota vehicle, pay it off in cash, or sell it. She didn’t want to sell it, so her decision came down to whether to pay off her RAV4 with her savings or finance it. 

Armed with a plan, she took a quick trip to her Toyota dealer, and after a pleasant and easy application process, Alexis left the dealership in the RAV4 she could now call her own.  

At TFS, we know that credit needs are as unique as each person who needs it. Whether you're looking to purchase or lease, whether you have a long credit history or limited history, we'll work with you to help get you the financing contract that's right for you.  

At TFS, we want to help you through every decision a member of the Toyota family will make. 

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Think your Toyota’s a keeper? We can help.